Tucson Musicians Museum introduces new inductees

Tucson Musicians Museum introduces new inductees
Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 7:07 AM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - The Tucson Musicians Museum celebrated their 2023 inductions with an event downtown. This year was special as they introduced the first bands into the museum.

Music from the Sonoran desert – it’s a culture-defining artform that dates back centuries.

“It’s important for kids to understand that there’s roots to this music that it’s been around for a long time,” Tucson Musicians Museum Chair of the Board of Directors Soaring Hawk said. “And the music that they’re listening to, the people that they admire, they admired people, who admired people and finally you get back to the beginning.”

The work also inspires the next generation to come.

“I just like music so I picked trumpet and it’s just fun for me,” 4th grader Natalie Balderrama said.

Ten new museum inductees were honored for their contributions to the Tucson music industry from individual artists, to Tucson’s first recording studio.

2023 Tucson Musicians Museum Inductees:

  • Earl Edmonson
  • Travis Edmonson
  • Dennis Francis – DJ Papa Ranger
  • Bad News Blues Band
  • Ritmo Suave
  • Joe Scibilia
  • Harvey Moltz – Rainbow Guitars
  • Tony Terry - Gaslight Theatre
  • Zoom Records – Burt Schneider and Ray Lindstrom
  • Bob Mick

“It started 65 years ago if you can imagine,” Zoom Records co-founder Ray Lindstrom said. “Class of ‘59 at Catalina High School. Burt Schnieder and I decided we wanted to start a record company, which we did.”

While remembering the music helps to inspire the new generation of artists, the museum says recognizing the people behind the songs enriches the music that has yet to be created, and reminds southern Arizonans of the work that led to where we are now.

“It’s a part of history and it’s especially a part of Tucson history that these things were done back then,” Lindstrom said. “We don’t want to be forgotten.”

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