Erik Hite memorial on east side could be moved

Erik Hite memorial
Erik Hite memorial(KOLD)
Published: Mar. 31, 2023 at 4:50 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - The Erik Hite memorial has been on the east side of town at La Mariposa resort since 2009, but after a flag raising in 2017, not much has happened to it.

A 13 News viewer reached out to express concerns the memorial has been neglected for the last couple years.

Hite was a TPD officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2008, and since then there has been a foundation in his name and numerous memorials around town.

But the one of the east side needs some work.

“The people that decided to create the memorial went away, and I don’t even know where those people are, they never took responsibility of the property” Hite’s widow Nohemi Hite said.

Nohemi runs the Hite Foundation and is hoping the memorial can be moved.

“There are very few people that see the memorial.”

13 News went to the site of the memorial and noticed the flag is torn, weeds and plants are taking over the ground and names on benches and bricks are wearing away, making them difficult to read..

Since Erik’s death, Nohemi says she hasn’t been a part of any memorials around town because it’s too painful..

“I’ve been dragging my daughter to that memorial, the church memorial, the cemetery and Erik is not at those places anymore, he’s in our hearts,” Hite said. “My daughter is a teenager and truthfully she feels very sad at those places.”

But Hite says she’s very grateful for the community, and wants the memorial moved somewhere else.

“It will be a more public place for the community to come pay their respects for Erik, remember Erik and I think that will be a more wider, broader opportunity than going to a private land.”

Nohemi recommends Erik’s old station near Golf Links and Harrison.

“Whatever physically we can move to the east side location, the Erik Hite substation, hopefully we can work something out for the officers,” Hite said.

Nohemi said if anyone has any concerns about the memorial, she wants you to reach out to her to maybe help volunteer if you’re interested.

She also adds that there are still quite a few logistics she has to work through with the Mayor, city council and TPD, but she’s hoping this can happen sooner rather than later.